Friday, December 12, 2014

Poor, Poor Man!

With all his intelligence and splendor and capabilities, striving for happiness, for contentedness,
little does he realize, poor, poor man.

It doesn't matter. Nothing maters. All situations are ripe with potential. Every single one of them. No matter in whatever hell or heaven you find yourself throughout the course of your life.It is always possible to be happy, to be yourself and simply live.

Often we concentrate so much on the future, on the past, even on living in the present, ironically, that we forget to absorb the joy of the moment.How stupid man is!! Or how helpless a being, he is??
The rules and statutes of society and religion are tightening their hold around his brain, like an anaconda does to its prey, suffocating, controlling, that man is so unable to think straight, to follow what his nature tells him to do. And the result is utter and dangerous chaos.

Truly happy, truly successful and contend in life are those who manage to slip away from the death grip of's society dictatorship, who gets his breath back to thikn straight amid all the chaos. And what are the chances of that!!?? Poor, Poor man!!