Saturday, February 26, 2011

I lost it along the way

I lost it somewhere along the way,
I'm searching for it night and day
I cannot remember the color, the texture,
all I know is it held me in rapture
It made me see joy in small things
It made me want to dance and sprout wings
a blade of grass was a joy to my heart
sunrise in the morning was always a new start

Then the cobwebs settled on me
before I knew, before I could see
I had lost the precious gift
and since then i began to drift
Now I'm fighting with all I am
to get it back, to touch it with my heart
to let me live the life I want

Friday, February 25, 2011

Black Rose

I'm not pretty , I'm not pink
I like it more when other people are
I'm tainted , I like white
But I realize, black with a heart
is a thousand times better , than the purest white without.

There is a black rose , there is a white
I knew it before I started to write
I wonder if I bring it by the power of thought
the black one sometimes, because I enjoy it the most.

There is a weeping inside, I cannot stop
it is like bleeding from the heart of a serene land,
tears flowing out from between rocks and moss....

It's a boon and its a curse
its fresh and thriving
it could also drown the green

I have to tear it out, the little black spot
wrench it out of my being
throw it away, far away
even though i know it'll boomerang
may be because my thoughts attract it back.